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Bankruptcy Document List

CHECKLIST OF COURT REQUIRED DOCUMENTS NEEDED FOR CASE PREPARATION(Copies or scans not iphone pics can be sent by email or other electronic media)

We need legible copies of each document listed below, if applicable.  Please note that Client’s production of the last 3 years of tax returns and recent pay-stubs and bank statements are a mandatory pre-requisite for filing bankruptcy.


Form 1040 Income Tax Return for 2014,  2015 and 2016 (If you own a business, tax returns for the business will be needed. )


Six (6) months of pay-stubs from Clients employer(s)(husband and wife ).  For the 'means test' we need the spouses income unless you are separated or divorced.


Driver’s License, Social Security Card, and Residency Card if not a United States Citizen.  (Original Driver’s   License & Social Security Card will be necessary at your 341 hearing with the Trustee)


Credit card statements, medical bills and all other debts, including collection agencies. I can obtain a credit report to help identify any creditors.  The original creditor's  name and address is required.  I can also obtain a credit report to see what is listed there.  Medical Bills are not always on the credit report.


Bank Statements for the last six (6) months (Personal and Business) (for non filing spouse also)


Titles and Registration to all motor vehicles/ boats.


Payment coupons for car loans or leases.  If Auto is owned we will need an appraisal, Kelley blue book is acceptable.


Deeds and tax bills for real estate owned by Client.


Payment coupons for outstanding mortgages and all Homeowners Association. The coupons have the name, address, and account number on them.


Insurance policies for all real estate, motor vehicles and boats owned by Client.


Life Insurance policies or retirement plans.


Any lawsuits Client is involved in and any information about judgements obtained against you including foreclosure judgments and any IRS correspondence.


Divorce Agreement and/or Judgments of Marriage Dissolution within the last five (5) years


Prior Bankruptcy Petition or other documentation.  This can be obtained from the Bankruptcy Court.


Documents evidencing the transfer of any property within one (1) year of the filing of the Bankruptcy petition such as a Closing Statement HUD-1, Bill of Sale or Purchase Contract.



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